Company Profile

Our company was established in 1998 and employs about 70 people and 10 subcontractors.

Recently we have moved to a new factory established especially for our needs, housing offices and a work hall to contain all machinery necessary for works.

The company specializes in thermal system insulation, floor and walls coverings, shading and metal and fire proofing.

Hereunder are our specializations:

1.      Insulation

●        Piping and equipment insulation in hot and cold systems

●        Steam system insulation

●        Air-conditioning

●        Hot oil

●        Turbines

●        Containers

●        Gas channels and the like

Insulation is carried out using rock wool, glass wool, polyurethane spray and wool mattresses, as well as making insulation pillows for hot equipment.

2.      Covering and Shading

●        Covering and shading using Iskoorit (corrugated sheets), asbestos and plastic

●        Polyurethane insulated walls and roofs

3.      General Metal Works

●        The insulation envelope is executed using all type of tins, plastic strips gauze pads with Sealpas covering.

●        Ganite spray to insulate turbines, walls, and tunnels.


4.      Fire Sealing and Proofing:

●        Sealing works on passageways, proofing cables and spraying.

●        Fire proofing sealing is done using imported materials according to standard.



Hereunder is a list of companies for which we have done and are doing works:

●   I.E.C. – annual I.E.C. tender on various sites in Israel (for the forth year) of a volume of approximately 30,000,000 NIS.

●   Israel Military Industries

●   Israel Aerospace Industries

●   Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

●   The Dead Sea Works

●   Electra

●   Dead Sea Magnesium

●   Nesher Ramla

●   Soroka Medical Center

●   The biological Institute – Nes Ziona

●   Ben Gurion University

●   Intel

●   Ashdod Port

●   Oil Refineries

●   ICL Fertilizers

●   Sugat Sugar Refineries Ltd.

●   and many more…

The company is known for working under pressure, meeting deadlines, for its quality and reliability and its customers' satisfaction.

We will be happy to advise you on all of our fields of expertise and welcome you as our customers.


Yoram Vazana